Ameen Azad | O/L 2001

While praying the almighty to grant our beloved Sabur Mohideen master the highest status in jannah I express my deepest condolence to his family members, relatives, friends, all the football loving fans of Sri Lanka.

"The legend behind the creation of many legends in the history of Sri Lankan football".



Infaaz Farook | O/L 2004 & A/L 2007

My deepest condolences for Marhoom Saboor Mohideen Sir & may Allah grant him the highest status in Jannah... The service which he has rendered to football is extraordinary, specially the service which he has given to our School Football is invaluable...



Irfan Mohamed | 0/L 2000

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.


J.A. Sirajul Anam, General Secretary, OBA | O/L 1989 & A/L 1992

There are 3 types of people who we come across in our lifetime. The first type we don't know they existed among us.  The second type we feel it is better if he/she is no more than living among us. The third and very important section of few whom we feel why he or she left us so early and why not he / she has not lived a little more longer. Marhoom Saboor Mohideen belongs to the third category.

Though I have not got any formal training under him or played soccer under his guidance, but he always treated me as his student. His magical smile, charismatic persona and caring behavior are simply unforgettable. This was same throughout his lifetime till I met him early this month last at the Sugathadasa Stadium. His sudden demise is a great loss for Hameed Al Husseinie College's soccer and every student of our school. May Almighty Allah bless his soul and grant him Jennathul Firdous for all the untiring efforts he put on our students for over 3 decades, Aameen.



Abdul Hameed Razak | A/L & HP 2009

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raajioon! May Almighty Allah grant Mercy and provide him better moments in each & every situations hereafter such as, Kabr, Resurrection Day, Meezan, Sirath, etc... and grant him Jannah! May Almighty Allah grant Mercy to his entire family to overcome this difficult situation! Aameen!

JazakAllah Khairan!



Faizul Ihsan | O/L 2014

May Allah bless his soul... forgive him of his sins... make his grave a garden and grant him the highest levels of paradise..... Ameen!!



Fazmin Faiz | AL 2003

We will be missing him a lot....One of the legendary football coach produced by Sri Lankan Football..



Mohamed Naleer Oudeen | A/L 1996

A good HEART has stopped beating.

A good ROOHU ascended to Jennah.

May Almighty ALLAH accept all his good deeds and grant him Jennathul Firdouse.




Mikdham Ahamed | O/L 1993 & A/L 1995

Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Ileyhi Raaji Oon

Please accept my deepest condolences on the sad demise of renowned Marhoom Saboor Mohideen Master. We share your undoubted grievances and sad loss and so pray that Allah will bring him to rest through his mercy in his heaven and to alleviate the hearts of you and your dear family to Allah we belong and to him is our return.

We pray May Almighty Allah expand his grave, forgive his short comings and admit him into the highest Paradise al-jannah firdous.



Rilwan Adam | O/L 1988 & A/L 1991

My deepest condolences to Marhoom Saboor Mohideen sir & his family. May Allah grant him jannah. The service he rendered to our school football is extraordinary, we miss you sir.



Fazly Fawzer | O/L 2001 & A/L 2004

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon

My deepest condolences to our beloved master marhoom saboor mohideen . may Almighty Allah grant him to jannathul firdous on this holy ramadan month ... Aameen