The Executive Committee

The present Executive Committee members were selected by the School Management at the set of forming the OBA. In the future, all executive members will be selected by the members of the Old Boys’ Association in the Annual General Meeting. The selection procedures are strictly followed in accordance with the Ministry of Education circular regarding rules and regulations of the Old Boys’ Association and based on the criteria set in the OBA Constitution.

The Executive Committee plays a vital role in implementing projects thus the members are selected to the Executive Committee by their individual performances in their respective fields.  The President of the Old Boys’ Association is the Principal of the school. The board also comprises present and former staff of the school in its advisory board.

The details of Executive Committee Members elected for the year 2021/2023 are as follows.


Present Executive Committee Members


Sitting  (L-R)
Mr.Shafras Faizal (Vice President),Mr.Sujabdeen Sheriff (Deputy President),Mr.Fazmin Faiz (General Secretary),Mr.A.K.T.Adahan (Principal & OBA President),Mr.Riyaz A. Jawad (Treasurer),Mr.Muhammadh Rikaz (Asst.Secretary)
Standing (L-R)
Mr.Mohamed Izmeer (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mohamed Thameem (Coordinator),Mr.M.F.M.Faizal (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mohamed Irfan (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mohamed Nimraz (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mohamed Ajwath (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mohamed Himas (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Arshad Jawfer (Ex.Co Member)
Members who are not in the picture
Mr.Mohamed Mufshid (Vice President),Mr.M.N.Abdur Rahman (Asst.Secretary),Mr.Infaaz Farook (Asst.Treasurer),Mr.Mohamed Zahar (Ex.Co Member),Mr.Mujeebdeen Rahuman (Ex.Co Member)