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Photography by M.N.M. Fazlaan & A.C.M. Fawaz

Al Ghazzali Central College Hands over Flood Relief Packs to HAH Students

Al Ghazzali Central College, Atulugama donated 100 study packs to students of Hameed Al Husseinie College who were affected by recent floods in many parts of Colombo district. This special philanthropic event held at the College premises on 31st May 2016. These study packs were made out of the generous contributions of school students as well as the teaching staff.

The Principal of Al Ghazzali Central College, Mr. M. J. M. Mansoor visited Hameed Al Husseinie College and handed over 100 study packs to the school management. Mr. Faizal, Principal of Hameed Al Husseinie College accepted these study packs. Each pack contains exercise books, stationary items and school bags. The event was coordinated jointly by the Old Boys’ Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College and Muslim Federation for Community Development (MFCD).

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Old Boys’ Association, the General Secretary J. A. Sirajul Anam welcomed the Principal of Al Ghazzali Central College, Mr. M. J. M. Mansoor and acknowledged with gratitude the donations are really helpful in sorting out issues faced by the affected students. Mr. Faizal, Principal of Hameed Al Husseinie College stressed on his speech that this philanthropic gesture is a sign of strong cooperation between both schools which can lead in many activities in coming future as well. Mr. M. J. M. Mansoor, the Principal of Al Ghazzali Central College pointed out it is very important to grow students with the thoughts of giving for the needy while they are at schools. This activity will pave way for them to support the community when they are out from school and become strong citizens of the country.

The Executive Committee team of OBA was represented by Mr. Mushthaque Mohideen, Mr. Fazlaan Nizam, Mr. Fazly Samad, Mr. Fazmin Faiz, Mr. Mohamed Zabeer, Mr. Ramzan Ibrahim, Mr. Fawaz Cader, Mr. Infaaz Farook, Mr. A. Adhil and Mr. Mehboob, while the MFCD was represented by Mr. Hazreen, Mr. Peer Mohideen and Mr. Faisal Madani.