How to become a Member           

To become a member of the Old Boys’ Association, you have to fulfill the following requirements set clearly in the Constitution:

CHAPTER 3 – Membership

Article 1: To become a member of the Old Boys’ Association, the applicant should be an old boy of Hameed Al Hussenie College, Colombo 12, Sri Lanka and must have school admission number. Any individual who claim to be an old boy of the School but don’t have the admission number will not be entertained to join the OBA.

Article 2(a): All applications forms should be fully furnished to be considered by the Executive Committee to process.

Article 2(b): The Executive Committee Should not approve any application form which don’t give all details of the applicant and not proposed and seconded by the existing members of OBA.

Article 2(c): The Executive Committee should verify the admission number given by the applicant with the administration of the Hameed Al Husseinie College.

Article 2(d):  The admission of any such individual to membership of the OBA shall be effected by a decision of the Executive Committee

Article 3:  The membership fee will be as follows:

        a. Annual membership fee                 -           Rs. 1,000.
        b. Lifetime membership fee               -            Rs. 5,000.

Article 4: The OBA should officially issue a receipt for every membership fee paid by a member.

Article 5: The Executive Committee should bring to the attention of the Executive Committee Members any case in which a member has persistently failed to meet his obligation under this Constitution. Such cases include misbehavior that harms the dignity of School and OBA, personal fund collection under the name of OBA without the written approval and permission of the OBA, conducting activities under the name of OBA without the written approval and permission of OBA, organizing General and Committee Meetings under the pretext that the OBA authorized and approved in writing such Meetings. In such cases, the OBA should legally take actions against such individual or a group of individuals. Their membership to the OBA should be annulled immediately after the conclusions of legal proceedings against such individuals, whose acts proven wrong.

You could collect your application by contacting Mr.Fazmin Faiz – General Secretary of the Old Boys’ Association through voice (077 713 2624) or Mr.A.J.M. Riyaz - Treasurer (077 711 4919) or Mr.M.Thameem - Coordinator (077 935 4654) or downloading from our website, click here to download

Full Constitution printed copy can be collected by paying Rs. 250

If you are already a member and if you have any changes in the correspondence , Please download and fill the form, click here to download