Fund Collection

As you well aware, the Old Boys’ Association (OBA) had to do a lot of activities to improve the educational, sports, and extra curricular activities of the students of Hameed Al Husseinie College as well as to give a helping hand to the school administration to improve the infrastructure of the school. To successfully fulfill those needs, the Association needs a lot of funds to implement the projects and activities in the pipeline. The administrative expenditures are met with the membership fee and voluntary contributions by members.

The Association seeks philanthropic contributions and donations from service minded organizations, old boys’ as well as well-wishers like you. Whatever contributions you give us to improve the needs of the school will directly benefit the community and the society. The Association with full gratitude would like to join hands with you to implement its projects so that you will be the partners in progress of Hameed Al Husseinie College. This is indeed a valuable opportunity for you as well to be an integral part of the force that contributes to the upliftment of the society.

The OBA also encourages Individual involvements in undertaking special projects. So if you would like to undertake a special project that we have listed above or you have some projects that you could financially contribute directly and implement by yourself and by your resources, the Association warmly welcome and support you in every measure in that aspect. But any projects that are related to fund raising, should come under the purview of the OBA, and shall be implemented under the supervision and guidelines of the OBA.

How you can contribute?

Your direct contributions can be sent directly to our OBA Current Account. The Association will acknowledge you by providing you with its official receipt once the fund transferred to the OBA account. The Account details as follows:

Account Name         :           The Old Boys’ Association, Hameed Al Husseinie College

Name of the Bank    :           People’s Bank, Ginthupitiya Branch, Colombo-12, Sri Lanka

Account No             :           298100134800330 (Current Account)

For further clarifications regarding contributions and special contributions for particular projects, please contact the Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer of the OBA.

Mr.  A.J.M. Riyaz  (Treasurer)
Tel: 077 711 4919

Mr. M.Nizam (Assistant Treasurer)
Tel: 077 739 1019 

The Hameed Al Husseinie Old Boys’ Association clearly and firmly states that the OBA is not responsible for any direct payments made as individual to individual basis or to an individual’s bank account or deposited in an account which is not mentioned and authorized by the OBA above or payments collected by individuals without issuing an official Hameed Al Husseinie College Old Boys’ Association’s receipt.