Dear Brothers Assalamu Alaikum.

We wish to bring to your kind attention that the Annual General Meeting of the Old Boys’ Association (OBA) is scheduled to be held on 27th June 2017 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Al Haj A.H. M. Fowzie Hall. At the AGM, the OBA members will be elected the office bearers (Executive Committee Members) for the term 2018/2020. The process of electing the new members will be done in the systematic way adopted at the last AGM. In that regard please note the following:


1. Any member who has completed 2 years lifetime membership in the OBA is eligible to contest for the Election or propose / second a candidate and vote at the AGM (Constitution: Chapter 6 – Article 2, Chapter 6 – Article 3(a), Chapter 7 – Article 6).*Refer References

2. Duly completed Nomination Form without any errors only will be included for the election process. Any Nomination form with wrong information will be disqualified from being listed down for the Election process. ( click here to download Nomination Form ) 

3. Any candidate shall be ready to provide the necessary documents to prove the details furnished by him in case the Executive Committee or any OBA member challenges the details. Failing to provide necessary verifications will disqualify his candidature.

4. Contesting candidate, members who are proposing and seconding his nomination MUST be present at the AGM to consider the nomination.

5. Duly filled nomination forms should be sent only by Registered Post to reach on or before 20th June 2018 addressed to:


The General Secretary,

Old Boys’ Association (OBA),

Hameed Al Husseinie College,

No. 45, Husseiniya Street, Colombo 12.


The letter informing the AGM and nomination form are posted to the given address by all OBA members. PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t receive the Nomination Form with the letter, it means you have not yet completed your two years life membership in the OBA to contest or vote at the AGM.


Jazakallahu Khair.

General Secretary




1. Chapter 6 - Article 2:

The Executive Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meetings of OBA. Any member of the OBA who has completed his two (2) years membership and is willing to serve the Executive Committee, is qualified to submit a candidature form based on the Chapter 6 Article 3a, to be considered to elect for the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting, after the present Executive Committee completes its full 2 year term. A candidature form need to be submitted with the details and signatures of OBA members who is proposing and seconding the nomination, based on the Chapter 7 Article 6, in registered post before the deadline of the submission addressed to the Secretaries of the OBA.


2. Chapter 6 - Article 3(a):

A member who has subscribed to the OBA for at least two (2) years is eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee and an additional two (2) years or one term of working experience in the Executive Committee is required to be nominated for the posts of General Secretary and the Treasurer and shall have the sufficient credentials to hold such posts.


3. Chapter 7 - Article 6:

Any person who has been a member of the OBA for a minimum two (2) years, is eligible to cast his vote in an Annual General Meeting or in a Special General Meeting. Such member should be over 18 years of age and are not in arrears of subscription fees or any other payments related to the OBA. Any person who has been a member less than the stipulated period given above, shall not demand to vote in any Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.