Parents Awareness Program - Grade 5 

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Photography By Sadik Sabry.


OBA conducts Special Awareness Program for the Parents of Grade 5 Students

The Education committee of Old Boys’ Association in coordination with the Head of Primary Section and the staff conducted a Special Awareness Program for parents of Grade 5 scholarship students. This program was conducted on 08th March 2016 from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. at A.H.M. Fowzie Hall.

The main session was conducted by Mr. M.S.M. Asmiyas – Reading PhD in Physiology, B.A. (University of Peradeniya), MSW (University of Bharathiyar, India), Mphil (physiology - Mental Health ) , Senior Training Officer - National Institute of Social Development (NISD), Professional Counselor and an old boy of Hameed Al Husseinie College. He covered very important topics including Relationship between Parents and Children and Parents Relationship with school.

This program was one of the strings of awareness programs conducted by the Education Committee and was a major successful program in which the parents’ turnout was 95%.