2015 O/L Students Vocational Training program

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Photography By B.J.M. Zeith


Alhamdulillah it was another project successfully initiated by Education Committee having organized a drop out 2015 O/L Students Vocational Training program held on 06-05-2016 at College.

After making door to door field visit campaign & meeting around 50-55 students with their parents last week, the turn up was quite impressive.

Total attendees were 61 (including 29 students from our college, 2 students from outside school & their 30 parents)

The feedback came from the parents also quite exciting as few parents agreed without proper guidance they have enrolled their children for heavy priced IT & other non-related courses at private institutions.

It was highlighted during the program there are many avenues to build a career even though OL results are not successful. The technical college & vocational training institute can offer more valuable and recognized courses with cheap rates and much valid govt. certified certificates.

We take this opportunity to thank all the present members yesterday in spite of being a working day.

Insha Allah we hope to conduct similar workshops in future as well with the coordination of SLVTA & Tech colleges.