OBA meets the O/L students and their Parents on a One-to-one Meeting

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Photography By Infaaz Farook & Riyaz


The Old boys’ Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College met the O/L students and their parents at a specially organized meeting by the school management. This event held at the school premises on 19th July 2016 from morning 8.30 a.m. onward. This advisory event was planned with the support of the Education Subcommittee of the OBA and organized by the school management to make the parents aware about the progress of their children who will sit for the G.C.E. (O/L) Examinations in December 2016. This special program is the follow up of the Motivation and Counselling program organized by the OBA in March 2016. The OBA presently conducts a series of motivation and counselling programs for students and their parents in all grades to improve their education.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal of the school Mr. M. S. M. Faisal elaborated the importance of parents’ role in supporting their children for the next 6 months and how they should cooperate with the school management in implementing special programs. He pointed out that the school management has organized a series of seminars conducted by leading personnel in the field of education as well as special lecturers in main subjects. These seminars will be conducted at the school premises from the end of July 2016. The school has also arranged special study facilities for the O/L students afterhours at the library. He also announced the special awards offered by the old boys of the school and their respective establishments for those produce the best results at the O/L Examination. These special awards are offered to boost their enthusiasm and continue their studies in the A/Ls to lead them for university entrance. The Deputy Principal of the school Mr. Padmasiri, O/L Section-in-charge Mrs. Sekar and Sheik Arafth also addressed the gathering.

Popular Counsellor and Trainer Mr. A. R. M. Nawasdeen then conducted a motivational program to understand the value of education and pointed out how to channelize the energy and focus on right direction in producing excellent results. He also advised the parents on what ways they can support their children during the next 6 months leading to the O/L examinations. After this special motivation program, parents and students were individually met one-to-one by special panels of Old Boys to discuss the ways and mean to improve the results. They advised the students on how to focus on their studies, concentration and determination and how to plan the next 6 months. They also advised the parents on how they can support at home, minimizing all the external disturbing factors that harm concentration. The Executive Committee Members and other members of the Old Boys’ Association, namely Fawaz Cader, Riyas Ajward, Fazly Samad, Azfer Anas, Infaaz Farook, Rilwan Adam, Mehaboob Anver, M. Zubair, Usman Jaufer, Shafraz Faisal, Mushthaque Mohideen, Ramzan Ibrahim and Sirajul Anam were sat for the panel discussion while Sabry Cader, A. Aadhil and Ali Jinnah joined for the post-event evaluation and discussion with the panelists.