The website of the Old Boys' Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College (OBA HAHC) and its contents shall not be copied or duplicated in part or in full without the written permission from its authors.  The photographs and the videos may be used as per the conditions outlined under “Conditions for the Use of Photographs & Videos” section.

Conditions for the Use of Photographs & Videos:

OBA HAHC grants permission for its Members to use the photographs and videos for non-commercial purposes or for personal use as long as the following guidelines are strictly followed:

  • Credit must be given to OBA HAHC.
  • The URL of the OBA HAHC Website must be mentioned.
  • A hyperlink to OBA HAHC should be included in the webpage.
  • Only reasonable sized photographs should be used on 3rd party web pages. High-resolution photographs shall not be archived on other web sites.
  • You may not use the photographs / videos as part of another archive that has no connection with Hameed Al Husseinie College or the OBA. They may only be used as part of your current project, website or publication that clearly linked with Hameed Al Husseinie College or the OBA.
  • Under no condition, the photographs / videos shall be used to promote or be associated with pornographic, immoral or gambling related website / projects / materials.
  • The photographs / videos shall not be used in any way to promote or to be associated with any activities or advertisements or promotional activities directly linked with tobacco, drugs, substance abuse, alcohol, any other contrabands and legally prohibited acts that are punishable by law.
  • OBA HAHC reserves the right to change this notice at any time.
  • OBA HAHC reserves the right to deny usage of the photographs and videos to individuals or other entities if it deems such usage will not to be in the best interests of the OBA HAHC or its associating associations and groups.

Commercial Use of Photos:

If you wish to use the photographs / videos featured in our website and in galleries for commercial purpose, please send us a detailed request through “Contact Us” page.