The Executive Committee elects new Heads for Sub Committees


The Executive Committee of the Old Boys’ Association convened its first executive committee meeting on 04th June 2016 at the College premises. To expand its activities in various sections, the EXCO elected the following members as the Heads of Sub Committees.

  1. Head of Education Sub Committee – Fazly Samad (0773995910)
  2. Head of Sports Sub Committee – Mohamed Zahar (0773331854)
  3. Head of Extra-curricular Activities Sub Committee – Infaaz Farook (0777448199)
  4. Head of Fundraising and Finance Sub Committee – Sabri Cader (0773549896)
  5. Head of Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee – Mushthaque Mohideen (0777745189)
  6. Head of Media, Communication and Public Relations Committee – Fazmin Faiz (0777132624)
  7. Head of Infrastructure Development Sub Committee – Mohamed Hibry (0778899388)
  8. Head of Special Committee for New Land Project – Ramzan Ibrahim (0777638941)

The EXCO also nominated Mr. Fazly Samad and Mr. Fawaz Cader as the representative of Old Boys’ Association for the School Development Committee (SDC). The EXCO welcomes the participation of the general members of the Old Boys’ Association in all its future activities implemented by respective sub committees for the improvement of Education, Sports, Extra-Curricular and Infrastructure Development of the College.