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Photography By M.N.M. Fazlaan  & Imthiyaz Rauff


Old Boys’ Association Convenes its 4th Annual General Meeting

The Old Boys’ Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College convened its 4th Annual General meeting recently. The 4th AGM held at A.H.M. Fowzie Hall on 28th May 2016. The President of the OBA Principal of Hameed Al Husseinie College Mr. Faizal presided the AGM.

The Outgoing General Secretary Mr. Sabry Cader thanked all the members of the Executive Committee and the general members of OBA for their continuous support given to him and the Executive Committee for the past 2 years. He acknowledged with appreciation that such support has helped the Executive Committee to implement many projects successfully. The Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the 2014 / 2016 Mr. Fazly Samad, then submitted the audited accounts which was passed by the house.

Mr. J. A. Sirajul Anam was then elected as the new General Secretary for the year 2016 / 2018. Mr. Mushthaque Mohideen and Fazlaan Nizaam were elected as Joint Assistant Secretaries. Mr. Fazly Samad was elected as the Treasurer while Mr. Imthiyaz Rauff was elected as the Assistant Treasurer. Mr. Fazmin Faiz was elected as the Coordinator of the new Executive Committee.

On his maiden address as the new General Secretary, Mr. Sirajul Anam thanked all the members of the OBA for their kind presence, even in difficult weather conditions. He pledged that the new Executive Committee under his leadership will fully cooperate with the school management, specially giving strongest support to the Principal Mr. Faizal and the College’s Management team. He also acknowledged that the Young Team under his leadership will thrive to achieve the expected outcome in a highly professional manner.

Other office bearers elected at the AGM are: Sabry Cader (Deputy President), Abdul Careem (Vice President), Mohamed Zabeer (Vice President), Ramzan Ibrahim, Imran Hussein, Sujabdeen Sheriff, Infaaz Farook, Mohamed Mujeebdeen Rahman, Faisal Madani, Mohamed Nimraz, M. M. Mufshid, Mehboob,  Usman Jawfer, Mohamed Hibry, A. A. Aadhil, Rilwan Adam, Fawaz Cader, Hanan Hussein, Zahar and Shafraz.