The immediate step taken by the Executive Committee after the formation of the Old Boys’ Association was to do an evaluation of the ground situation of the school. After a thorough study, the Association planned to initiate projects and activities to address the following:


Improve the standard of the education of the school by –

  • Notifying the Ministry of Education about the shortage of teachers
  • Supporting the school financially to the continuation of Volunteer Teachers
  • Hiring outside personnel to conduct subject improvement classes
  • Awareness programmes for parents as well as for students
  • Group discussions with students
  • Arranging seminars and model examinations for students who sit at public examinations
  • Financial support to needy students to continue their education
  • Financial support to the school in Annual Prize Giving

Improve the standard of the sports of the school by –

  • Making awareness about the present sports related issues
  • Providing financial support to students who represent the school in foreign tours
  • Giving special recognition to students who excel in sports activities in Achievers’ Award Ceremony
  • Financial support for the school’s Sports Meet and Annual Sports Day Celebrations

Improve the extra curricular activities of the school by –

  • Financial contributions to organize events
  • Financial support to students to take part in extra curricular activities outside the school
  • Financial contributions to purchase needed equipments

Improve the infrastructure related work of school by –

  • Providing toilet facilities to the academic staff
  • Water and Sanitation facilities to both section of the school
  • Financial support to the school on its infrastructure related expansions

Miscellaneous activities related to school –

  • Financial contributions for private security firm
  • Supporting all Major and Ministerial Events for the publicity of the school’s image.

The Association drafted project proposals and carried out many activities to address the above needs of the school. The Association is indeed happy to say today that the Association has made significant support and improvements related to the school activities. This was only possible by the support extended to the Executive Committee by the school management, parents and donors and well-wishers who had great trust on the Association and its activities.

The following will give you a clear idea about the initiatives carried out by the Association in the past and present and future plans.

  • Financial support to the school to pay the salaries of the Volunteer teachers. The Association is the major contributor for the salaries of the volunteer teachers for the past 3 years. The Association had spent Rs. 420,500 for the year 2007 and Rs. 392,000 for the year 2008. The school will face a major crisis if we fail to accommodate the services of volunteer teachers in the teaching panel. Time to time, the Association had pointed out the teachers’ shortage to Ministry of Education. Due to this fact, the Ministry of Education is taking special notice of the situation and appointing new teachers to serve for the school.
  • Seminar for the students who sat for the G.C.E. (O/L) Examinations in 2006.
  • Educational Awareness programmes and seminars for students who study in Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 and for their parents.
  • Special Awareness programmes for parents whose children sat for the Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations in 2007.
  • Grade 4 and Grade 5 Scholarship classes in 2006 and 2007. It was a great success at the end of the project conclusion. 50 students took part in these special classes and each year, 5 students successfully passed the examinations with another additional 10 students who came closer to the border line marks. In addition to this, the rest of the students also reached individual highest aggregate marks. This programme was well acclaimed by the parents and their children currently following the Subject Improvement Classes. These students are making continuous progress in their educational activities.
  • Organizing Grade 5 Scholarship classes for the year 2010. Already Grade 4 students have sat for the evaluation examinations and the new classes will commence shortly in November. Over 40 students from Tamil medium and another 40 students studying in Sinhala Medium sat for the evaluation examinations held in October 2009.
  • Subject Improvement Classes. Presently followed by students who are studying at grade 6 and Grade 7. The students had sat for an open evaluation examination for four subjects, namely, Tamil, Science, Maths and English before the commencement of the classes. These classes are conducted on Mondays and Thursdays. These classes will continue for upcoming years, thus every year another additional batch (Ex. Grade 8 will commence in 2010) will be included in the coaching.
  • Organized Achievers’ Award Ceremony every year and given special awards and recognitions to students who scored best results in Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations, G.C.E. (O/L) Examinations as well as G. C. E. (A/L) Examinations.


The Association decided it should support all sporting events, be it Soccer, Cricket, Karate or Track and Field. It is important that every student should take part in any sport event while studying at school. Keeping that thought in mind, the Association initiated the following activities and projects related to sports activities:

  • When the Association was inaugurated, all sports activities of the school were heading towards downhill trend. Realizing this grave situation, the Executive Committee decided to create immediate awareness among old boys of the school so that they can come forward and give helping hand to the improvement of the sports activities. The Association organized the first 7-a-side Soccer Tournament in 2006. This Tournament made a significant impact on the school’s soccer activities and overwhelming support started to pour down for the school’s soccer teams for all age groups.
  • The Association financially supported 2 soccer players who were selected to participate in the Under 19 Soccer Tournament in China in 2006.
  • Financial contributions to school to purchase Medals and other related items for the Inter-House Sports meet in 2007. This is another initiative carried out by the Association to make the children show eagerness in participating in Track and Field events.
  • Organizing the Inter-House Sports Meet and Annual Sports Day Celebrations in 2008. For the first time, the school in collaboration with the Association organized the Annual Sports Day Celebrations and gave special recognition to the students who excelled in Track and Field events.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are important in moulding the character of students. As a leading school in Colombo District, Hameed Al Husseinie College’s calendar is always filled out with many events related to extra curricular activities. The Association gave tremendous support to the school management in organizing various activities and events.

  • Financial support to the school Cadet Team to take part in Annual Assessment Camp held in Rantambe, Randenigala in 2006.
  • Financial contributions to school in organizing the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony held in 2007.
  • Financial contributions to the school Brass Band for equipment repairs.
  • Financial contributions to the Annual Prefects’ Day ceremony.
  • Financial contributions to the Annual Meelad Day celebrations

Infrastructure Development

The Association always supported the school in its infrastructure developmental activities. In fact the present teachers’ washroom was built by the Association in 2006.

  • Building a new Teachers’ Washroom adjoining the administrative office.
  • Financial support for building the Bus parking tent.
  • Financial contributions for various maintenance expenses.
  • Water and Sanitation Project for the Primary Section of the school. This was the major issue faced by both students as well as the academic staff. They had to undergo various difficulties due to the poor water and sanitation condition that prevailed for the last 3 years. The Association drafted project proposal and canvassed well-wishers for funding. This project was successfully completed in October 2009 benefiting more than 750 students and 25 academic staff.


The Association also contributed to the following miscellaneous activities related to school:

  • Supported financially the school in paying service charges for Digi Com Security Service.
  • Organizing, logistical support and financial support for the Ministers’ Visit to A. H. M. Fowzie Bridge Opening Ceremony held in 2006.
  • Organized Siramadana activity to make awareness of the importance of maintaining clean environment at the school premises.
  • Organizing and Financial support for the Principal welcoming and Achievers’ Awards for year 2008.

Social Awareness

The Association has never gone away from its social responsibility of supporting and financially contributing for the needs of the community.

  • The Association financially contributed to run the Hameed Al Husseinie Ahadhiyyah School conducted by Education Development Society (EDS). An average of 60 students from the surrounding area getting religious education in Sundays at the school premises. It is a notable fact that not only the students of Hameed Al Husseinie College are benefiting, but also students who study at various schools and international schools in the vicinity are also benefited by this Ahadhiyyah School.
  • The Executive Members financially contributing on their own in distributing free exercise books and stationeries to the needy students of the School.
  • The Executive Members also arrange financial support from well-wishers and helping students to continue their Advanced Level Classes as well as Higher studies. The Members canvassed donors to support financially over Rs. 150,000 to one bright student who completed his higher studies in Maritime Engineering and currently assigned in a commercial cargo vessel. The Association has helped financially for 4 Advanced Level students in the past two years to continue their studies.