An active Old Boys' Association (OBA) is always a great asset to any school. Besides the School Development Society (SDS), OBA plays a vital role in implementing and supporting activities and projects related to the educational, sports and extra curricular developmental activities of the school.

It is a notable fact that past pupils will always consider their alma mater as important as their own homes and always come forward to work for the betterment of their school. It is also the duty of every individual to show his gratitude by contributing in every possible way to the growth of his school. It can be his financial contributions, his hard work or support through his skills and knowledge; everything will provide strong support to the growth of his school.

This was the important aspect addressed by the formation of the Old Boys’ Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College. Then principal of the College, Mr. M. I. Asadullah and the management staff had a formal meeting with a selected set of Old boys of Hameed Al Husseinie College, who have been actively and constantly supporting and participating in all College related activities in the past. The school management trusted these old boys and requested then to initiate to form the official Old Boys’ Association of the school which was not functioning longtime.

The Old Boys’ Association re-established in July 15th 2006, paved the way for a new era of developmental activities of Hameed Al Husseinie College. The Executive Committee consists of 21 members of the OBA. The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration of the OBA and implementation of its activities and projects. The principle motto of the Association is “Forming a Better Society for Tomorrow by Providing Better Education Today.”

Accountability and Transparency

The Executive Committee is committed for transparency and accountability of its activities. The Executive Committee confirms that there is an ongoing process of identifying, evaluating and managing significant risks. This process has been in force throughout the years under review.

The Executive Committee time to time carry out a thorough review of the Association’s budget and evaluate its capital expenditure requirements, future prospects and risks, cash flows and expected donations and contributions. The Executive Committee on the view that the Association has adequate avenues for resource inflows to continue its operations and ensure its activities carried out in the foreseeable future. The Executive Committee also responsible for the Association’s system and internal control. It carries out a system that is designed to safeguard assets against unauthorized use or disposition and to ensure that accurate records are maintained and reliable financial information is generated.