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Photography By M. Mushthaque Mohideen & M. Shaheer



SUCCESS shines at the Advanced Level Students Workshop

The Education Committee of the Old Boys’ Association of Hameed Al Husseinie College organized a special workshop for the College’s Advanced Level students recently. Titled “Success”- this workshop was conducted on 6th April 2016 from morning 9.30 a.m. to afternoon 1.30 p.m. Students who will sit for G.C.E. A/L Examinations this year as well as next year participated in this special workshop. This is yet another successful workshops organized by the Education Committee for the current year.

The main session was conducted by popular trainer Mr. M. M. Rizwan who is also the old boy of the College. He is specialized in Special Education, Child Development and Counseling. Mr. Rizwan covered the objectives of the workshop which were to prepare the Advanced Level students to focus on their Advanced Level subjects, Goals Setting, Exam Preparation, focus on their future education path aligned with prosperous career paths. They were given a through presentation on university studies and career guidance.

It was followed by a Heart to Heart Talk – where students raised questions to a special panel of experts in different fields, who were present at this workshop to clear doubts. The panel of experts were led by the General Secretary of the Old Boys’ Association Mr. A.C.M. Sabri who is a Senior Superintendent of Sri Lanka Customs. The other Members were Brothers Rizwan, Fazly, Mushthaque Mohideen, Infaaz Farook and Sirajul Anam. The experts answered many questions raised by the students and helped them to keep focus on their studies align with future career paths. Also was present were Brothers Shaheer, Riyaz, Ashfaaq and Yaazir to share their personal experiences in selecting right fields in education and career.

Then the students were divided into groups based on how they answered the evaluation forms given at the beginning of the program. This enabled the experts to point out whether the students expectation can be met by the subjects they presently study at the A/Ls or do they need to change their focus and targets. The group session was conducted by Brothers Zulfikar Ahamed, Abdul Careem, Ishaaq, Riyas, Nawasdeen, Mushthaque Mohideen, Fazly, Infaaz Farook, Afzer Anas, Shaheer, Yasir and Sirajul Anam. The coordination part was handled by Brother Zubair and Shafras. Participated students were provided with lunch at the end of the workshop.

The Education Committee hopes to follow up with the participants after their A/Ls to guide them to select the right university fields and future career prospects.